Thematic Workshops: Development of new services & products

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Groups audience: 
  • Thematic: BOOT CAMP

Workshop for developing ideas to model technological solutions based on OPEN DATA. Composed of learning courses, workshops and labs where it is possible to perform testing tasks among DATA hubs that will allow intensive support to entrepreneurs in development and innovation issues based on OPEN DATA.

It is a great opportunity for the winning teams of the Hackathon to follow up their projects and start developing the innovative solutions.

  • Target:

6 local working groups organized by each HUBs - Related to the hackathon chosen groups. At least the winner teams of the Hackathon should be able to continue developing their ideas on the Boot Camp.

  • Objectives:

  1. Start developing new services and products based on OPEN DATA.
  2. Follow up the Hackathon

  3. Development of new skills, learn to use new tools and accelerate projects

  • Duration:

Between 1 to 2 days. It is recommended to be a 2 days event taken place during the weekend. 1 day may be not enough in order to achieve valuable results.

  • Preparation:

  • Market niche identification: The challenges proposed should be of special interest for the community where the event takes place. It can be a well-known issue about the main local economic sector. It is important to not tell the participants the type of expected development but give space for those involved to describe and understand the problem and that from that understanding possible solutions are defined.

  • Contact the Stakeholder: Convene audiences of different nature interested in generating solutions related to the problems of their community. It is recommended that everyone briefly present the problems identified, highlighting relevance and scope of the challenges and then define appropriate solutions. A good stakeholder can in turn generate motivation, showing the theme as a potential area of ​​social innovation or business entrepreneurship that excites participants. It is recommended to be the same stakeholders and challenges proposed at the hackathon so that the winning projects can be continued.

  • Mentors research: A wide panel of open data mentors should be included in the program. Some of the main resources to find them are:

    • “Federación de Datos”

    • Sielocal

    • The World Bank

    • European Data Portal

    • Local administrations working for the promotion of Open Govern.

    • Big Corporations working with OPEN DATA such as BBVA. Startups with business models based on OPEN DATA.

  • Speed Dates: Matching event taking place during the Boot Camp.

  • Innovation Campus: Open Data Labs where the teams are available to develop their ideas in order to transform them into real products or services.