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French Open Data Hub’s goal is to support he exploitation of Open Data and collect actors and stakeholders interested to support Data Economy, to provide services for entrepreneurial initiatives based on the use of OD/LOD and to strengthen the local economy and to provide services to citizens, to SMEs/ start-ups etc.


Services provided to the Hub members:

  • Technical Seminars

  • Local Capacity building seminars

  • Online tools

  • Funding opportunities

  • Local study visits

  • Thematic workshops

  • Coaching

  • Local working groups

  • Tracking funding opportunities

Sector of FocusGreen Growth/ Blue Growth/ Cultural and Creative Industries/

Geographical Scope: National


Other (Open)

Other Access

The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in these formats.


via the DKAN API

Transports Lignes de Bus 2015 de la CAPM