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Italy’s Open Data Hub vision is to collect actors and stakeholders interested to support Data Economy, to support municipalities and other Public Administration in the production and sharing of quality dataset as OD/LOD, also by the realization and sharing of a specific information kit, to provide services for entrepreneurial initiatives based on the use of OD/LOD and to strengthen the local economy. Also to provide services to citizens, to SME’s/ start ups, researchers.

Services provided to the Hub members:

  • Technical Seminars focusing on latest development in Open Data
  • Local Capacity building training seminars
  • Local Technical seminars
  • Funding opportunities (also related to ERDF ROP of Veneto Region)
  • International events

Sector of Focus: Green Growth, Cultural and Creative Industries

Geographical Scope: Regional


Creative Commons CCZero

Other Access

The information on this page (the dataset metadata) is also available in these formats.


via the DKAN API

Utilizzo ICT presso le imprese

Effettivo utilizzo da parte delle imprese dei servizi forniti dalle tecnologie ICT (telelavoro, homebanking, ...) La base dati riusabile regionale raccoglie i dati relativi all'utilizzo delle dotazioni ICT presso le imprese e nello specifico: - utilizzo dell'internet banking - utilizzo internet/intranet - utilizzo telelavoro - utilizzo formazione on line - utilizzo di internet per vendita/acquisto I dati, forniti sotto forma di percentuale (%), sono riferiti agli anni 2005-2010 con aggregazione regionale.

Data and Resources

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Piemont, Italy
Creative Commons CCZero
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