Design and Launching a Pitching Event

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Design and Launching  a Pitching Event

  • Thematic: Make entrepreneurs and technology-based developers who offer solutions to the new challenges of urban development by creating innovative applications or services visible.

  • Objectives:

  1. Promote the use and reuse of public information by companies.
  2. Make the success stories of innovative companies visible.

  3. Promote the local innovation.

  • Methodology for organization

A pitching event is like the hackathon and the organizational methodology is similar. All events organization are divided into 3 main phases regarding the task’s typology associated to each phase: Pre - Event, Event and Post Event.

As for the elevator pitch format, must be stressed the importance of:

1. Casual event.

2. Afternoon event.

3. Importance of the attendees. The target reached for the event should be valuable agents for the pitchers.

4. Competitive event. The bases should be clear and specify the evaluation criteria.

  • Pitches

Those are some recommendations for pitches:

  1. Look for information about the typology of attendees.

  2. Adapt your speech to the audience. If they are investors they would like to know about profitability and return of the investment and so on, but if they are potential clients, they may be more interested in knowing the benefits of your product or service.

  3. Think what you want to say and write it down. Then read it out loud and make all the necessary changes. Repeat and internalize it.

  4. Don't improvise, be natural. Contrary to what it may seem, if you have your speech learned and internalized, you will explain yourself more safely and naturally.

  5. Order and concretion. Answer the 3 key questions: who you are, what you do, which is the added value you provide.

  1. Easy understanding. Use your own words to explain yourself simply, avoid technicalities.

  2. Focus on the now, don't go to the past or to the detail. Remember that your goal is for the other person to be clear on how you can help them today. On another date there will be time to deep in and tell more details.


Those tools are recommended for dynamized the pitch: