Training material on ODEON platform services

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The ODEON Platform is a useful tool that responsible partners can use to tune better the way they will provide their services to the HUBs’ members.

First of all, some datasets for each Hub are uploaded. Until now on the platform there are 5.737 data sets for Green Growth, Blue Growth and Creative and Cultural Industries. The data are organized per Hub and so the members can have access not only to information that concerns their country, but to data from other countries, too. These datasets can be a useful tool to the members and the stakeholders and can be used from them to develop their idea or be inspired. The data are organized per Hub

Furthermore on the platform there is training material for Open Data and linked Open Data that can be used form the partners for different purposes. It can be used as training material or they can use it to get inspired for the topics of the required workshops and seminars. The member can also use this material to get informed for the sector and get knowledge for different issues concerning Open Data. So far, the training material is uploaded on the ODEON platform covers different topics: